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What are Some Requirements Of Starting a Mineral Water Plant?

What Are Some Requirements Of Starting a Mineral Water Plant? Investing in a mineral water plant project nowadays is a fantastic decision. However, before you begin your new business, you should review some of the essential items that you will want when establishing a new mineral water facility. Before establishing a mineral water business, there […]

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Investing In Mineral Water Plant

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Investing In Mineral Water Plant People are cognizant about taking care of health now more than ever. One of the main factors in maintaining a healthy body is to always keep yourself hydrated. Along with staying hydrated, it is important the water you intake is pure and free from harmful […]

Health Benefits of Packaged Drinking Water

HEALTH BENEFITS OF PACKAGED DRINKING WATER We are all aware that 75% of the human body is composed of water and how essential it is to keep yourself hydrated for the appropriate working of the body.  But have you ever wondered if this same drinking water can be the cause of diseases like diarrhoea, cholera, […]

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse Osmosis And Its Industrial Application

REVERSE OSMOSIS AND ITS INDUSTRIAL APPLICATION We are all cognizant of drinking water and its importance. The water we consume must be free from impurities and harmful particles to avoid causing further damage to health. This is where Reverse Osmosis comes into the picture. For those who are unaware of it, Reverse Osmosis is a […]

Automatic Water Bottle Filling Machine

Advantages Of Automatic Water Bottle Packaging Machine

ADVANTAGES OF AUTOMATIC WATER BOTTLE PACKAGING MACHINE   Due to the lack of productivity in manual machines, the industries are now shifting to adopting Automatic Water Bottle Filling Machine, because of  ease in it’s functioning and productivity in the output.  They usually come in three types- Pouch Filling Machines, Jar Filling Machines and Bottle Filling […]

Packaged Drinking Water Bottle Plant

Reasons Why You Should Start Mineral Water Business

REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD START MINERAL WATER BUSINESS Water has become one of the most popular selling beverages in the market. Also, due to the ongoing pandemic people have become more concerned about their health and shifted to drinking bottled water. As demand for bottled water is increasing, there are plenty of opportunities for the […]

Packaged Drinking Water

How Selling Water Can Make You Richest Person

How Selling Water Can Make You Richest Person? Do you know you could be a billionaire just by selling water? Yes, you read it right.  Only a few people had heard about the Chinese billionaire who has built a fortune on China’s seemingly desperate demand for bottled water. He is Zhong Shashan, the founder and majority-owner […]

How to Select Location for Setting up A Mineral Water, Soft Drink and Juice Plant

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