Water Bottle Filling Machine

Water Bottle Filling machine is a 3stage fully automatic multi-function combined machine integrating washing, filling & capping into single body. This machine is equipped with advance man machine inter-facial control technology with all necessary automation. It works hanging neck holding method hence very convenient bottle change over.

Available Range

  • 24bpm
  • 30bpm
  • 40bpm
  • 60bpm
  • 90bpm
  • 120bpm
  • 150bpm
  • 200bpm


  • Packaged Drinking Water
  • Mineral Water
  • Natural Mineral Water
  • Alkaline Water
  • Flavored Water


  • Fully automatic
  • 200ml – 2000ml bottles.
  • fully in S.S – 304 and all product contact parts in S.S – 316 quality.
  • Totally hygienic Bottling
  • Vibratory blow for cap feeding automatic.
  • Rotary neck holding

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