Juice Manufacturing & Production Plant

      A variety off soft drinks are being presently produced in the country such as sweetened carbonated (aerated) soft drinks, still beverages containing fruit juice/pulp and soda water falling under the category of RTS (ready-to-serve) beverages.

      Juice Plant Product

      Fruit pulp/juice, sugar, citric acid, preservatives and permitted colors, flavors and other additives.

      The following fruits are well suited for RTS beverages.

      Pulper (optional), Sugar Syrup Tank, Filter Press, Homogeniser, Pasteurizer, CIP Systems, Water Treatment plant, Packaging Line.
      • 40bpm Fully Auto RTS juice Plant
      • 60bpm Fully Auto RTS juice Plant

      Why Mineral Water Business ?

      Safe & Premium Drinking Water

      Growing needs for convenient, safe and healthy drinking water around the world.

      Flavored & Functional Water

      The demand will increase rapidly in next 10 years, due to current lifestyle changes & an increase in health issues.

      High Profit

      The profit margins are way higher as compared to any other industry with similar investment amounts.

      Evergreen Business

      Demands will always increase and keeps on increasing, and always on a upward trend.

      Know About Our Client's Experience

      Why Are We Different?

      • An ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company
      • More than 12 Years of Experience
      • Team of Qualified Professionals
      • In-House R&D Department
      • In-House Manufacturing Facility
      • Very Low Maintenance
      • Clear Quality Policy
      • Implementation at all level
      • Modern & Superior Equipment
      • Maximizing value for money
      • Round the Clock Service
      • State of the Art Technology


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