Why You Should Avoid Drinking Tap Water 

Water is an essential requisite of life for every living being. But one should also take the necessary care when consuming it. Like animals or other creatures, humans cannot drink water just from anywhere.
A proper source and filtration of water is required before its consumption to remain healthy and carry out vital functions.
Water is available to us from various sources like tap, packaged bottles, pouches, etc. The most common source being tap water that is usually found at every household or office and other premises of work and stay.
Let us take you through some reasons why you should avoid drinking tap water.
Drinking tap water exposes people to dangerous germs that can cause an array of ailments.

Metal Poisoning

Your tap water could be contaminated with heavy metals laded with metallic elements with a relatively high density that are toxic or even poisonous when consumed. This can lead to metal poisoning, and as a result you may experience nerve damage, diarrhea, memory loss, or muscle cramps.


Arsenic is a naturally occurring chemical commonly found in groundwater. It can be found in household tap water as a result of agricultural or industrial contamination or from a private well. When consumed, it can cause health problems like sensation in the hands and feet, nausea, vomiting, stomach discomfort, and diarrhea.


Known to kill bacteria and germs in water, chlorine also damages the human body when consumed orally or inhaled in large quantities. When chlorine comes into contact with water in the body, it forms corrosive acids. Excessive chlorine exposure can lead to health problems.



Water can sometimes taste like a chemical when it comes into contact with rubber or plastic pipes and small amount of these substances dissolve in the water.

Presence of Algae and Bacteria

The presence of Algae, bacteria or other organic material in a water source is commonly responsible for an earthy or musty taste in tap water. This can also happen when water passes through peaty lands, such as moorlands, or when water is left standing in your home’s pipes for an extended period of time.

Musty or earthy

From the above reasons, we can conclude that the taps that provide drinking water is not of superior quality and that it should be further boiled or filtered before consuming to keep health ailments at bay.

Always ensure you drink pure mineral water to stay healthy & fit.

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Reminder: You should drink water now! 


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