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What Are Some Requirements Of Starting a Mineral Water Plant?

Investing in a mineral water plant project nowadays is a fantastic decision. However, before you begin your new business, you should review some of the essential items that you will want when establishing a new mineral water facility.

Before establishing a mineral water business, there are a few things to consider.

Mineral Water Plant Manufacturers Require Various Materials.

  • Raw water source, for example, and impounding reservoir, lake, or river canal
  • Intake well
  • Water pumping system
  • Cascade aerator
  • Alum mixer
  • Clarifier
  • Filter bed washing system
  • Sand filters
  • Sludge transfer pump
  • Sludge removing system
  • Chlorine dosing system
  • The clear water pumping system
  • Clearwater reservoir
  • Scada instrumentation system
  • Flowmeter and valves
  • A Laboratory

Mineral Water Plant Cost


Denends of capacity of plant{1000,2000,5000,10000,etc LPH( Liter per Hour)}

Machinery Cost( quotation from Indian reputed water plant machine manufacturing)

Exact pricing of 5000LPH

Water Purification System=14.98L

Quality Control Lab=3.75L

Washing filling and packing machines=36.77L

Value Added machines= depends on what you add(say approx 5L)


+Building Cost

Installation of Mineral Water Plant.

First and foremost, decide where you want to put the plant. Look for dependable water sources. Analyze the source water thoroughly. Then talk to water treatment equipment vendors. The preliminary water analysis result will aid in the treatment process design. Complete all legal obligations at the same time. BIS accreditation is required if your plant is located in India. You may create a product package based on your budget.

DTPPL is here to assist you so that you do not have to go through the procedure and can relax about the prospect of setting up the entire mineral water plant on your own.

The mineral water turnkey project installation procedure can be time-consuming; our skilled personnel with extensive industrial experience provide the whole architectural plan and mineral water plant process from start to finish, taking into account technical criteria. We have the necessary machinery, such as jar filling machines, water bottle filling machines, water filling pouches, mineral water bottle making machine and more, to complete the setup efficiently. Our specialist consultants analyse our clients’ planting requirements and recommend the best mineral water plant cost/price and approach.

Our team not only aids you with the mineral water plant establishment, but also with the legal procedure and ISI / FSSAI licence consultation so that the process runs smoothly. We value customer satisfaction and adhere to the client-centered philosophy that has helped us achieve our goals.


The ISI / FSSAI license paperwork must be completed in order to start a mineral water facility. Because it poses a major threat to consumers’ health, it is critical that all rules are followed and all essential actions are done. Once the plant is properly set-up one can continue the business without any hassle.


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