Water Softening Plant

A water softener is a pressurized water treatment device in which hard water is passed through a bed of cation exchange media for the purpose of exchanging calcium and magnesium ions for sodium or potassium ions, thus producing a softened water. A water softener is a whole house solution for hard water, it is not a water filter.

Available Product Range

  • 500LPH
  • 1000LPH
  • 2000LPH
  • 3000LPH
  • 4000LPH
  • 5000LPH
  • 6000LPH
  • 8000LPH
  • 10000LPH

& Above capacity.
MOC: FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic)
SS (Stainless steel- 304/316)


  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Water Jet Looms
  • Power generation
  • Automobile
  • Chemical Industries
  • Dairy Processing
  • Processing Industries
  • Institutional Sectors


  • Vertical vessel with AUTO multiport valve
  • Scale reduction and saving in detergent and water heating
  • Improved efficiency of process equipment
  • Reduced maintenance, chemical and detergent costs
  • Reduced energy and water consumption

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