Semi-Automatic Blow Moulding Machine

DTPPL is proudly engaged in offering an exclusive assortment of Semi-Automatic Pet Blow Molding Machine and PET stretch blow molding machine which are equipped with combination of pneumatic and hydro pneumatic versions to ensure better and fast quality output.
Furthermore, these molding machines are used in manufacturing mineral water jars, 5 liters to 20 liter jars.

Available Product Range:

  • 2cavity (1100-1200bph)
  • 4cavity (2200-2400bph)
  • Single Cavity – for 5 to 20ltrs Jar

*bph: bottles per hour


  • Beverages Industries
  • Pharma Industries
  • Food Industries
  • Chemical Industries


  • Compact Design for Space Saving.
  • Hydraulic Clamping System & Stretching System.
  • Infrared Conveyorised Preheating System.
  • High quality valves, cylinders for trouble free production.
  • Incremental Heater Settings by 1% to 99%
  • PLC Based on 16 Bid Micro Controller (Phillips XAG.49) Display interface via 320 x 240 graphic display process on
  • line.

  • One Set of Neck Holder 28MM
  • Set of Tools and Operation Manual.
  • Air and Water Cooling Festo Plumbing System Push & Pull.
  • M.S Plates Are Nicrome Plated to Avoid Rust

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