Semi Auto Shrink Wrapping Machine

DTPPL offers specially designed semiautomatic web sealer machine is simple to use and easy to maintain. The semi-automatic sleeve wrapping machine is suitable for wrapping and then shrinking cylindrical products like Bottles, Cans, Boxes, Big Cartoon, Bags etc. with or without bottom tray.

Available Product Range:

  • Semi-Automatic – Convenient up to 60bpm


  • Water
  • Soda soft drinks
  • Juice
  • Pharma


  • M.S. with Powder coating construction including main machine frame.
  • Very smooth and easy to operate.
  • Min. change over time one size to other size of container.
  • Fast cooling system after shirking which provide perfect shape & finishing of product.
  • Built in A.C. Freq. Drive system.
  • Output up to 4-5 Packs labels per minute.
  • Suitable for Glass, Plastic, Pet, Tin, Corrugated containers.

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