Packaged Drinking Water Plant

Packaged drinking water is the sealed water, which ensures that the water will be safe, clean, and potable for human consumption. There are large number of manufacturers, which has a wide gap between demand and supply. There for packaged drinking water business is fastest growing business. The source of Raw Water is either spring water, well, or drilled water source and has gone through a reverse osmosis process followed by packaging.


Available Production Range

  • 1450 bottles/hr
  • 2400 bottles/hr
  • 3600 bottles/hr
  • 5400 bottles/hr
  • 7200 bottles/hr
  • 9000 bottles/hr
  • 12000 bottles/hr

Area Required: 1000sq.ft (Minimum)
Available Process: Reverse Osmosis

Packing Volume

  • Small Bottles: 200ml,500
  • Pouch(Sachet): 200ml,250ml
  • Cup:200ml,250ml

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