Natural Mineral Water Plant

Natural mineral water can be still or sparkling, always has an underground origin, is bottled close to the source, has a stable mineral composition and benefits from full traceability. Chemical or antimicrobial treatments are not allowed.

Raw water pass to different filtration process to ensure impurities free before packaging.


Available Production Range

  • 1450 bottles/hr
  • 2400 bottles/hr
  • 3600 bottles/hr
  • 5400 bottles/hr
  • 7200 bottles/hr
  • 9000 bottles/hr
  • 12000 bottles/hr

Area Required: 1000sq.ft (Minimum)
Available Process: Pre & Post Purification

Packing Volume

  • Small Bottles: 200ml,500ml,1ltr,2ltrs
  • Jar: 5ltrs,10ltrs,20ltrs
  • Pouch(Sachet): 200ml,250ml
  • Cup:200ml,250ml

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