Juice Bottle Filling Machine

Juice Filling machine is a is designed for hot filling of juices. The advanced micro-negative filling ensures accurate brim filling. It incorporates specially designed hot filling valves which can easily be cleaned. The machine is controlled through touch screen PLC which controls the entire operation. Also the inbuilt temperature sensing ensures that the beverage is not filled below the set filling temperature. Automatic flow control valves ensure that the excess beverage flows back to overflow holding tank. This model can also be adapted for filling water.

Available Product Range:

  • 40bpm
  • 60bpm
  • 90bpm

*bpm – Bottle per minute


  • PET Bottle – Juice Filling


  • Fully automatic Monobloc operation for 200ml – 2000ml bottles.
  • Machine fully in S.S – 304 and all product contact parts in S.S – 316 quality.
  • Fitted with PLC control.
  • Cap elevator with hopper for automatic applying of caps.
  • Optional: Batch coder, Shrink tunnel

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