Flavored Mineral Water Plant

Flavored water is a beverage consisting of water with added natural or artificial flavors, herbs and sweeteners and is usually lower in calories than non-diet soft drinks.in many cases, flavored water add vitamins and mineral to their beverages through the incorporation of fruits in order to better market their products, water is tasteless. Consumers ware also more aware of the importance of water consumption as part of healthy life style.

Flavored waters offer all the benefits of pure water but with the added plus of tasting good and with so many interesting and exciting flavors profiles available.


Available Production Range

  • 1450 bottles/hr
  • 2400 bottles/hr
  • 3600 bottles/hr
  • 5400 bottles/hr
  • 7200 bottles/hr
  • 9000 bottles/hr
  • 12000 bottles/hr

Area Required: 1000sq.ft (Minimum)
Available Process: Water Purification + Flavor adding Technology

Packing Volume

  • Small Bottles: 200ml,500ml,1ltr,2ltrs

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