Carbonated Soft Drinks Filling Machine

Suitable for filling carbonated beverages like CSD, soda, carbonated juices etc. in PET bottles. This fully automatic machine performs integrated operations from air conveying to rinsing to filling and capping. The machine is controlled by touch-screen PLC and incorporates full automation for level control in drink tank and magnetic torque controlled screw capping.

Available Product Range:

  • 2head semi-automatic
  • 4head semi-automatic
  • 8head semi-automatic
  • 40bpm fully automatic
  • 60bpm fully automatic
  • 90bpm fully automatic


  • Carbonated Soda
  • Carbonated Juice


  • No Bottle – No Rinsing / No Bottle – No Filling / No Bottle – Capping.
  • Pick and place system capping. (Optional)
  • Fully automatic
  • 200ml – 2000ml bottles.
  • fully in S.S – 304 and all product contact parts in S.S – 316 quality.
  • Totally hygienic Bottling
  • Vibratory blow for cap feeding automatic.
  • Rotary neck holding

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