BOPP Labeling Machine

Automatic BOPP Labeling Machine offered comprise hot melt labeling machines that can be made available by us in different operating model options to choose from. Featuring automatic operations, these can handle bottles of different size capacities as well as in varied production speeds. The use of superior grade stainless steel in construction also makes these machines deliver optimum performance support.

These machines find suitability in meeting the labeling demands of products like bottles, jars, vial, tin and other packaging in round finish form. Further, the presence of microprocessor control based label dispensing system as well as advanced sensing system for label and products also assure of optimum support in involved processes.


Available Product Range:

  • 90bpm to 200bpm


  • Water
  • Soda soft drinks
  • Juice


  • Durable and compact design, the machine frame is covered by stainless steel sheet, anti-vibration and noise absorbing construction.
  • Rotary machine design, the bottle turret by servo motor.
  • Control cabinet integrated in the machine housing.
  • Hot melt dispensing contact type labeling system.
  • Label cutting with eye mark as well as length in mm.
  • Cutter is easy adjustment and replacement, cutting at any speed with precision.
  • Vacuum drum is synchronized with platform rotation, driven by servo motor.
  • Label web tracking for correcting its height and guarantee the consistent position

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