How to start Mineral water plant in India

How to Start Mineral Water plant in India : Important and Free Guide with 7 Secret Steps

Are you planning to start Mineral water Plant in India?

Do you want to ensure that your new Mineral water Business Succeed well?

And, do you want to earn massive profits, handsome ROI and achieve your desired goals?

Are you looking more information on how to start mineral water plant in India?

I know, I am reading you right, your answer to all the above questions is big YES.

Well, then do not miss this Entire insightful and informative article till the end where I am sharing with you deep insights on How to Start Mineral water Plan in India.

Let me quickly introduce myself.

Myself Bhavesh Sojitra, Co-founder and Director of Dharmanandan Techno Projects Pvt Ltd (DTPPL).

Dharmanandan Techno Project Private Ltd is a Leading Manufacturer of High Quality, Hi-tech and World-class machines for Mineral Water Plant, Soft Drink Plant and Juice Plant

Core Purpose of Dharmanandan Company is —- “To Bring Happiness in Human lives by making them successful and profitable by Elevating Quality and Providing Revolutionary, Reliable and Innovative Solutions”.

In this article, i will share much useful information on following.

  • Why to Invest in Mineral water Business?
  • Other Opportunities along with Mineral water Business
  • 7 Secret steps on how to start Mineral water Plant in India

Why to Invest in Mineral Water Business?

How to Start Mineral Water Plant in India, Mineral water Business in India
How to Start Mineral water Plant in India

Investing in Mineral water and Beverage Industries is a wise decision. But before starting any business, it is very much essential to know, understand and work upon their important factors.

As you all know that people want to drink Pure, Nutritious & Clean Mineral water in Cities as well as in Villages all over the world. This is only because conventional water sources are polluted and contaminated which is not safe for drinking and very much hazardous to health. In some part of the world, even conventional water sources do not even exist – complete water-starved dry area.

Whereas Bottled Mineral water is safe for drinking and good for health. Day by day, people are becoming more aware and conscious about their health.

That is why the demand for Bottled mineral water is increasing rapidly day and night all over the world. That’s why starting a Mineral water Business in India is a very much profitable option.

Other Opportunities along with Mineral water Business

Soft drinks are also high in demand over the Retail counters, parties, marriage functions, business meetings.

Packaged Fruit Juices became one of the Healthiest Alternatives after fruits. Fruit juice can be preserved for long time. It does not have effect on integrity of its nutritional values. Fruit juice became a household product and great travel companion – factors which are driving the demand for Juices.

Well, Knowing only about demand is not enough to succeed in this business.

Starting a mineral water business is a little complex work. Experts can make this work easy.

Let me share the 7 Secret Steps about How to Start Mineral water plant in India. Implementation of these steps will ensure your success.

7 Secret Steps about How to Start Mineral Water Plant in India

1st Step is to do Market Research

Before Starting Any New Business, market Research is Very Important. With the help of market research, you will be clear about the vision of your business and you will be able to know all the necessary things which are much important and vital. You can set your business targets with the help of market research and you can decide about the suitability of the business for you.

With Market research, you will know about what Products are needed in Market, which are in high demand, what customer loves the most, why customer loves packaged drinking water and Mineral water, what are the Gaps and Pain points of Consumers. With the help of market research, you can decide strategically on introducing size and types of different Mineral water bottles.

2nd Step is to Prepare Profitable and Practical Business Plan

Once you have done market research, the next step is to prepare a business plan and work on that. A business plan is like a Map, once you have understood the Map, it is very easier to go in the right direction with the right speed.

So what should be included in the Mineral water Business plan?

First of All, decide the tentative budget and target Return on investment, what kind of Management team is Required, What kind of Employees and Workers are required, Which legal processes are to be completed, At which location plant to be installed, which kind of machines are required and from which suppliers machines are to be purchased, what marketing strategy to be deployed, what will be the sales plan. These all factors are to be included in the Business plan with Responsible person name and clear cut deadlines. 

Once the Business Plan has been drawn on paper, now it is Time to take Massive action i.e. to execute each and every task with great momentum.

3rd Step is to Select Right location for the Mineral water plant

Ideally the location should be near to the market. Your product should be easily reachable to the market. Ensure that enough Volume of raw water and other raw materials are easily available, enough supply of Electricity has to be there. Make sure that you get the right manpower at that location.

You will also love to watch my YouTube Video on “How to select location for Mineral water plant”

4th Step is to select the Right and Appropriate Machines.

This step is very much critical which you need to take after deep thinking. There are some criteria for machine selection which you need to consider.

First of All, decide your production capacity. Capacity should be such that it can fulfil market demand until the next 4 to 5 years. There should be right kind of Automation; it should have a long life and long durability, Easy to operate, Very low in maintenance. You should be able to earn a maximum profit for a long time out of these machines.

Which machines are required for Mineral water plant?

How to Start Mineral water plant in India, Mineral water Business in India
How to Start Mineral Water plant in India

Well, first of all, you require a RO plant which will do water purification, then Automatic Bottle washing filling and capping machine which will pack the bottles automatically, then Bottle Blow Molding machine which will make the empty bottles from the preform, Pouch packing machine which will make Pouches, Jar Washing, Filling and capping machine which will automatically pack the Jars. Batch coding machine which will automatically print the batch on bottles. Apart from these machines, two Quality control laboratories are required for chemical testing and second for microbiological testing of water. Apart from this, you can also install an Auto Labeling machine for applying labels automatically on bottles. Secondly, you also might have seen that people are using Plastic wrapped packing instead of Corrugated Box — for that, you can install Heat Shrink wrapping machine (Web Sealer) and you can reduce packing cost drastically. 

Which machines are required for Soft drink plant and Juice plant?

If you are planning for Soft Drink plant then Sugar Syrup Tank, Flavor Tank, PHE, Chilling Unit, Carbonation Unit, CIP, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Automatic Soft drink Soda filling machine, Bottle Labeling Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machine and Bottle Blow Molding machines are required.

If you are planning for Juice Plant then Sugar Syrup Tank, Concentrate Blending Tank, Pasteurizer, CIP, Automatic Juice Filling Machine, Bottle Labeling Machine, Shrink Wrapping Machine and Bottle Blow Molding Machines are Required.

Advanced Value Added technologies for Mineral water plant

Dharmanandan company manufactures all these high quality and hi-tech world class machines. Dharmanandan has also developed innovative and value-added advance technologies, with their years of constant R&D, like Added Mineral Technology, Silverisation Technology, Alkaline Water Technology, EMF Technology, GAC Technology, Spring Technology. These advance technologies not only make your water quality and tastes outstanding and unique but will also provide you with an awesome strategic competitive advantage over other market players. Dharmanandan Company can supply such high-quality machines so that you can achieve your goals and dreams of this business. 

5th Step is to select the Right Suppliers

You have to select two types of suppliers. One is the Raw material supplier and second is Machine Supplier. In Raw material, you require Preforms, Caps, Jar, Pouch Rolls, Labels, Syrups and concentrates for soft drink and juices. The raw material supplier should be such that, he can supply materials in the right quantity at the right time as per your demand. Machine supplier should have good experience in manufacturing machines and he should be expert in Beverage Business.

6th Step is to get the ISI and FSSAI for your Mineral water plant

In India, ISI certificate is a quality license which is granted by the Bureau of Indian Standards i,e. BIS. My overseas Business friends require licenses as per their respective countries. Each country has different food safety laws. The main goals of these laws are to ensure consumer safety, product quality and nutritional integrity of the final beverages and food products. ISI certificate is a technical process which we have to complete with great preparation –then only we can get ISI license successfully. To get ISI license, 3 to 4 months are required. I will share detailed insights on how to get the ISI license. Once you get the ISI license, your next step is to get the FSSAI license from Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. For that, you have to apply to the local food department. You will get FSSAI license in 15 to 20 days. 

7th Step is Marketing and Selling of Bottled Mineral Water

For Growth of Any Business, Marketing and Selling is very important. There are many Effective Marketing strategies for Beverage Business. I will write separate Insightful article on Practical Guides of how to do Marketing and Branding for Mineral water Business.

Do not get confused between Marketing and Selling. Goal of Marketing is to Bring awareness of your products and your brands in minds of your potential customers. When i say awareness means to bring your customers from the stage of ” i do no know this company” to ” who is this company i am hearing from all over?” to ” i have heard about this company” to final stage “Yes, I know this company and i do business with company”.

Selling function follows the Marketing activities. Your Marketing activities will generate the leads for your products. Then Salesperson will follow all your potential leads. Salesperson will go through the different stages of selling cycle like lead qualification, need identification, presenting the solutions and closing the lead.

Mineral water Business owner has to learn both these functions constantly. Marketing and selling skill will make and build your business. once business owners masters this trade, then he should start developing competent team for all these functions to accelerate the growth of your business.

You can start by developing good distributors in your local area. Be the King of your local area first and then develop out of the town distributors for mineral water.

Secondly, you can do tie-ups with Good Hotels and Catering companies and you can grow your Beverage business exponentially.

Another option is the Indian Railway. Indian Railway has a huge demand for Bottled Mineral water throughout India. Every year Indian Railway floats the tender. You can participate in this tender and scale your business to new heights. 

Team DTPPL is ready to Help you to Successfully start Mineral water plant in India and even outside India also

So, friends, these are the 7 Secret Steps on How to Start Mineral water plant in India. If you want to start this business and if you want Dharmanandan to help you, then call right now on this phone numbers +91 9909956302 / 908137990. Also, visit to get more insightful and practical information about Beverage Business. Our Team of Business Growth Expert will be ready to help you. Make your trip to our Surat or Mumbai office and I guarantee you, your meeting with My Expert Team will be a memorable experience to you and you will feel Empowered and Enabled to Kick start your business with great confidence.

Keep in Constant Touch with us to Get and Read more valuable articles like this.

Be Safe and be healthy.

Thank you

Bhavesh Sojitra



Surat, INDIA

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